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Battery vs. Petrol Powered Garden Machinery


Which camp are you in? The battery brigade or the petrol patrol! The jury is still out as consumers weigh up their options!

Lithium ion (battery powered) garden machinery or petrol powered garden machinery?  Let us help lead you up the right garden path to choose the best product for your green spaces!

They each have their own unique selling points and in order to ascertain what the most appropriate source of power is for you, take a few moments to think about the size of your garden/allotment, how much you want to spend and your physical capability when handling the equipment. 

So how do they compare?

Lithium Ion

Battery powered garden machinery is becoming increasingly popular and in demand from domestic lawn lovers! A fairly new concept - the main desirability of the lithium ion powered machinery is that all products are cordless and lightweight. This makes for easy handling and is ideal for those who may have less mobility. 

We have teamed up with Samsung to provide the batteries for our li ion range - they are interchangeable, so you can always have one machine on charge whilst using a different product by Titan Pro. The battery life is suitable for small to medium sized gardens.

Causing no air pollution, very little noise pollution and reduced vibration levels, battery powered machinery is becoming an innovative solution to every gardener’s needs.

We offer lithium ion Chainsaws, Lawnmowers, Grass Trimmers and Hedge Trimmers. 

Petrol Power

Petrol powered machinery is run by petrol powered engines, which do need maintenance and the correct engine fuel. The main allure of petrol engines is that they are generally time efficient and are made for heavy duty work. This makes them highly suitable for the professional and domestic gardener.

The machines are generally bigger, but are easily manoeuvrable. This type of machinery is appropriate for medium to large garden areas and allotment plots. 

Titan Pro use powerful, well-known engines such as Kohler to ensure high performance. At a slightly higher price, they are well worth investing in, as the machinery will last for many years.
We offer petrol powered Chainsaws, Lawnmowers, Logsplitters and Chippers.

Take a closer look at the Titan Pro lithium & petrol powered lawnmowers in our range:

Lithium Ion Lawnmowers are great little runners and are extremely easy to use. Ideal for most householders’ backyards. These machines are reasonably priced at £189. Mowing capabilities of heights ranging from 30-80mm - no blade of grass will be left standing! One customer review states: “It performs well and I was impressed with the cut time.”

The 21” Rotary Lawnmower is one of our most popular petrol powered machines, priced at £299. The cutting range is from 25-75mm, allowing trimming over a large range of grass conditions. One customer review states: “Being a professional landscaper we rely on machines that not only do the job but that are 100% reliable, this out performs all our other machines and far out matches our Hayter56. The finish is excellent at all heights.”

We hope that you have reached a verdict on the two contenders! If however, you require further advice on what machinery type is right for you, contact us on 0845 6800 962 today.