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NEW Product - Petrol Chipper TP1200


We have decided to roll out a new product this month – the almighty Petrol Chipper TP1200! We are very pleased to be introducing our new Chipper and excited to tell you what this piece of machinery has to offer.

The TP1200 Garden Chipper is the latest addition to our Titan Pro Chipper/Shredder/Mulcher range. It has a robust structure, a very wide hopper to shred a variety of garden shrubbery and a high-speed side chute.

So, why buy the Petrol Chipper TP1200 in contrast to the rest of mulching machines, I hear you ask.

Well, our new TP1200 Garden Chipper is a great choice for those who need a Petrol Chipper with a chipping capacity between the 15HP Chipper and the Beaver Chipper. Whilst the 15HP Chipper Shredder will happily chip and shred leaves and small branches, the TP1200 Garden Chipper can conquer larger gardening materials such as sap filled trees/branches, conifers, palm frond, evergreens & leylandii.

The Beaver Shredder can take branches of up to 4"/100mm in diameter, whereas the TP1200 shreds 3”/75mm in diameter, which is why the TP1200 is our middle of the range mulching machine!

TP1200’s Features & Specifications

  • 15 horse power
  • Electric & manual start
  • Engine type: gasoline 4-stroke, air cooled
  • Oil capacity: 1.1 litres
  • Maximum chipping speed: 26mp/h
  • Net weight: 103kg
  • Starting mode: recoil starter


Chipper Usage

The main purpose of Garden Chippers is to chip your garden foliage into garden waste remnants for easy disposal or composting.

Compost bins are a great idea for those who want to reduce their chippings further to the required level of deterioration. Letting your chippings settle ensures no toxins are then spread across the ground. Length of time of storage would be dependent upon on the type of waste.

Mulch will then be created. The mulch can be spread over soil and grass, which then deposits the nutrients and oxygen back into your land, keeping your garden looking healthy.

Contact Us

Priced at an affordable £1199, our Petrol Chipper TP1200 is available to buy NOW! The Gold PDI option is also available for an extra £90. This includes having the machine put together with the necessary lubricants. The Chipper will be delivered straight to your doorstep to allow immediate shredding!

If you need any more information on our Garden Shredders/Chippers, please contact us on 0845 6800 962, or alternatively e-mail us at sales@titan-pro.co.uk.