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14 Christmas Gardening Jobs


“In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy” – William Blake. A favourable quote, as we start to slip into winter and look forward to the Christmas festivities. It is a time where we can relax and indulge in food, family time and presents. Most of all, we can take a step back and appreciate the hard work we have put into the garden all year round!

Whilst enjoying your Christmas break, for those who want to get their winter jobs done, it may be worthwhile compiling a list of jobs to do in the garden. Often we can enjoy the milder days that run up to Christmas, before the weather becomes too bitter in January.  Take advantage of those hours to do some tidying up in preparation for spring time!

Below are Titan Pro’s 14 top gardening jobs to do over the Christmas period:

  1. Check your winter protection covers are in place
  2. Prune apples and pears
  3. Prune birches and vines before Christmas to avoid bleeding
  4. Tidy the shed
  5. Clear the paths/patio
  6. Dig/rotavate the plot
  7. Clean the mower and sharpen mower blades (keep a spare pair if you can)
  8. Pierce lawn with garden fork for aeration and drainage
  9. Take some hardwood cuttings from trees and shrubs
  10. Prepare for planting
  11. Reduce watering of houseplants
  12. Make sure heater works in the greenhouse
  13. Clear leaves from grass to ensure light covers lawn to prevent dead patches
  14. Buy a Log Store to keep those logs protected

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Have a wonderful Christmas from Titan Pro!