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How to Clean Your Patio for Winter


As we’re already into the winter months it’s important that you spend a little bit of time preparing your patio for the warmer weather. 

power washing your patioIt can be quite therapeutic spending some time in the garden getting everything in order and it also gives you peace ofmind knowing everything has been done in time for the arrival of spring.

There’s nothing worse than having a slippery, slimy patio which creates a serious safety risk to you and your family! It’s also harder to clean up your patio and garden furniture once the frost has thawed.

So, make sure your patio furniture is well protected for the harsher weather that generally comes along later this month.

How to Clean Your Patio for the Winter

Hopefully you have already removed the cushions on your chairs otherwise you’ll need to do that quite quickly. Most cushions can be put in the washing machine which should bring them up as good as new, then dry them and store them away somewhere where they won’t get damp and mold.

To clean your patio furniture, first take a bucket of hot soapy water and a sponge and go over your table and chairs to take off any nasty gunk. 

If you find that you already have a little rust on either your table or chairs (or both), that can be remedied quickly by using a rust removal solution and a wire brush.

Your patio furniture should be covered with waterproof covers to help prevent against rust.

If your patio furniture is made of wrought iron then use some sandpaper to remove any rust. You can also use some specialist paint if the furniture is looking slightly old. Once this is done, cover with your waterproof covers or if you prefer you can store your wrought iron furniture in a dry area indoors because covers can sometimes trap moisture in which can eventually lead to rust with this type garden furniture.

Next it’s time to freshen up the patio and remove the dirt that has built up over the months. Remove any old plant pots that may be broken or cracked, clear any rubbish that may be lurking in the corners and prepare to either scrub your patio with an outdoor cleaning solution or use the more fast and effective way of a pressure washer.

power washing pressure washing

Either a petrol or diesel pressure washer are much more powerful than an electric pressure washer and they are perfect for the outdoors, you can even use them on your patio furniture. After you have used your pressure washer your patio should be looking extremely clean and slime free!

If you have a barbecue then before you store it in the shed remove the grill and give it a good scrub. Wipe down the outside of the barbecue with some hot soapy water and store it in a dry place ideally under a cover.

By taking the time over the next few days to clean your patio, you will notice that by the time the dryer and warmer weather arrives you would have done the majority of hard work leaving you enough time to sit back and enjoy your patio and garden.

Titan Pro heavy duty pressure washers are the ideal addition to any gardening machinery kit. 

Perfect for those in the building or lanscaping trade and ideal if you have a small holding or farm. You can use a power washer for so many things such as mucking out, washing down the vehicles, washing off cement, washing down public access walkways, the list is endless! 

Pressure washers aren't just good for the domestic garden, they're great for keeping all your outside spaces and equipment, safe and clean.