Diesel Log Splitters

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Choose a Handy Diesel Log Splitter to split your logs for the winter.

Our Diesel Wood Splitters can tackle knotty, hard wood and reduce physical strain of using an axe. The vertical/horizontal Log Splitters can handle a wider range of log sizes and are able to meet more heavy duty requirements.

Watch product videos to see the Diesel Log Splitters in action!

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Order a The Trailable 30 Ton Log Splitter from Titan Pro  is the biggest diesel towable log splitter in our range. With a splitting speed of 6.5cm/sec and the ability to cut logs of up to 450mm, you will get your logs chopped in no time! Ideal for the professional gardener. You can purchase the Log Splitter with the option of a diesel or petrol engine.

Trailable Logsplitter 30 Ton Rhino Diesel / Petrol Log Splitter

Titan Pro Rhino Towable Diesel 30 Ton Log Splitter. The new Rhino 30 Ton Towable Log Splitter is the latest to come out of the Titan Pro development programme, enabling efficient and effective log splitting. This Towable Log Splitter is fitted with a swivel bed and provides both horizontal and vertical splitting, giving you ultimate flexibility. Also available is a 4 Way Splitting Axe Head, to really speed output. The Diesel or Petrol version Log Splitter is towable by ATV to your...

Price: £1796.00

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