Lithium Ion Battery

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The 36V Lithium Ion Battery is interchangeable with the complete Titan Pro range of Lithium Ion Garden Machinery.

Lithium Ion Technology

The Samsung LI Battery is un-surpassed for reliability and longevity, Samsung is one of the leading manufacturers excelling in lithium Ion technology in Garden machinery field.

Batteries with staying power

With a fast re charge time these Samsung batteries really are a breath of fresh air in the Lithium ion garden machinery sector allowing for fast,safe cordless cutting in the garden using the Titan Pro LI Range


  • 36V Titan Pro Lithium Ion Battery fully recharges in 90 minutes.
  • Low self discharge battery - they can be stored with charge in them.
  • Eco Friendly - Lithium Batteries are made from environmentally friendly materials.
  • 2.6Ah Battery



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