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The Titan Lithium Ion 36 Volt Battery Charger

This 36 volt Lithium Ion Charger from Titan Pro is the only one need for the complete Titan Litium Ion range of tools. Once purchased, it will charge the Lithium Battery, which can be used on our range of Li Ion machinery.

This can be used for the Lithium Lawnmower, Hedge Trimmer, Grass Trimmer and Chainsaw shown below:


36V Lithium-ion hedge trimmer   


Lithium Ion Grass Trimmer with powerful 36v motor.

 Lithium Ion Chainsaw 36Volt

 Lithium Ion Chainsaw 36Volt

36V Titan Pro Charger is designed to take the Samsung/Titan Battery 36V 2.6Ah

The Titan Lithium Ion 36 volt Battery Charger


Lithium Ion Battery Technology

The 36 volt charger from Titan Pro keeps your batteries in tip top condition and is completely compatible with all batteries in the Titan 36V Lithium Ion Garden Machinery range.

Power that lasts

Power-on-demand Titan Lithium Ion technology coupled with Samsung batteries make this a winning combination. One charger-one Battery.

Titan Pro one year warranty on all chargers

Titan Pro one year full coverage warranty. If you discover any technical issues, Titan will fix it for free!


Charger Specifications


Power Source Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Voltage 36V
Battery Capacity 2.6Ah
Running Time 30 min
No-Load Speed 3500/min
Charging Time with 2.6Ah Battery 1.5h


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Lithium Ion Battery