Toro Petrol Recycler 17"-43cm ADS Lawn Mower

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Toro Recycler Petrol Lawnmowers

Toro‘s 43cm petrol Recycler Lawnmowers deliver unmatched cutting power in a lightweight unit. They feature a responsive 5hp B&S Quantum engine with performance driven features that ensure reliable operation for a clean even cut.

Besides its power and performance, this lawn mower comes with Toro‘s Automatic Drive System for even easier handling. Other convenience features include a single-point height-of-cut adjustment system with the SmartWheel gauge for quickly setting the healthiest cutting height. Plus, this Toro mower has a rust resistant painted aluminium deck for durability and a safety zone starting handle that folds for compact storage.

Toro - Total Solutions from Toro

Toro has the Solution to all your garden needs

If cutting capability was the only criterion for selecting a piece of mowing equipment, any walk power mower might do. But as manufacturers of walk power lawnmower equipment, Toro know you want an excellent quality of cut - and much, much more.

That‘s why Toro offer a total solutions approach when it comes to walk power lawnmowers. Whatever size lawnmower you want, whatever power, construction, or added capabilities you may desire, Toro make a walk power lawnmower with the features you need.

For example, Toro offer a complete line of lawnmowers, from 34cm up to 53cm in cutting widths. You can choose from several electric or petrol power models. You can also select lawnmowers with features such as quick starting engines, easy rolling wheels, and zone safety start.

Many models provide more than one way to handle your cuttings. Besides Toro‘s timesaving Recycler® cutting technology, you can also rear discharge cuttings, side discharge them, or bag them. Some models even have a dethatching accessory. And all have an easy-to-adjust cutting height, whether you choose a single or 4-point height-of-cut system.

As far as convenience, Toro walk power lawnmowers are available with those special features you want - features such as electric start and AutoMatic Drive System.

Whatever the size of your garden, whatever kind of task you want to do - mowing, bagging, trimming, or clean up - Toro offers the Total Solution.

Toro are one of the five big garden machinery manufacturers in the world and have a long established record in the UK. With a Toro product you can also be sure of receiving the highest standards of specialist support from a nationwide dealer network providing warranty work, servicing and timely spare parts availability.


  • Briggs & Stratton 5hp Quantum engine offers outstanding power and sure-starting reliability
  • 43cm/17" cutting width
  • Toro‘s exclusive Automatic Drive System for mowing as slow or as fast as you like
  • Toro‘s unique Recycle on Demand technology with in-built ‘kickers‘
  • 3-in-1 cutting ability to suit all conditions: recycle, collect or discharge
  • Lightweight aluminium deck for rust-free life
  • 19-75mm (3/4 - 3") height of cut adjustment with Smart Wheel gauge for accurate setting
  • Single lever height-of-cut adjustment
  • Easy Pull start

Toro 43cm Recycler lawnmowers

Toro 43cm Recycler lawnmowers Toro 43cm Recycler lawnmowers have a single-point height-of-cut system and SmartWheel colour coded gauge. Just squeeze the trigger to change to one of six cutting heights. 

The grass bagger

The grass bagger The grass bagger is designed to be emptied in seconds. Its plastic bottom helps the cuttings slide out easier and is highly resistant to wear. A poly-weave top maximises airflow and filling capacity.

For cutting in extreme conditions

For cutting in extreme conditions, For cutting in extreme conditions, the 43cm Toro Recycler comes with a rear discharge chute. The chute disperses cuttings downward for even distribution.

Automatic Drive System

Automatic Drive System Automatic Drive System Toro proudly offers you freedom as your never known it. The freedom to speed up - and slow down - at your walking pace. Because, with Toro‘s exclusive Automatic Drive System, your completely in control of your mowing speed. Mow as fast or as slow as you like - it‘s up to you.

This exclusive Toro technology

This exclusive Toro technology This exclusive Toro technology makes cutting grasses of different lengths and trimming around objects a breeze. There‘s no more fighting the transmission and the mower will even climb slopes with a gentle push.

It‘s the easiest mower you will ever use.

It‘s the easiest mower you will ever use. It‘s the easiest mower you will ever use. All it takes is a slight pressure on the handle to adjust the acceleration effortlessly: simply start walking and the lawnmower easily matches your speed. Slow down, and the mower automatically slows down with you.

Recycler Technology

Recycler Technology Recycler Technology For years golf course managers understood the time saving and turf benefits of leaving cuttings on the grass. Homeowners at the time tried the idea with mixed results. Many mulching mowers were simply baggers with add on components. They couldn‘t effectively handle the increased volume of cuttings underneath the deck that these machines required.

In the mid-80s, Toro researched and engineered an advanced technology which reduced the size of cuttings and left behind a just bagged look without bagging. Called Recycler® cutting technology, this patented advancement features a newly designed deck, ‘kickers‘, and a special blade. These features substantially enhanced airflow to handle the increased volume of cuttings, as well as keep them aloft. The ‘kickers‘ and the blade work together to process the cuttings, reducing them into minute shavings, then injecting them back into the grass below the surface. The end result is dramatic time savings, and a reduced need to water and fertilise your garden. Today, the latest generation of Recycler lawn mowers is engineered to handle the tough grass conditions that overwork ordinary mulching mowers

The reinforced, high lift blade

The reinforced, high lift blade The reinforced, high lift blade creates a powerful updraft that lifts grass up for a clean, even cut. The specially shaped blade also keeps cuttings airborne for further cutting and reduction in size.

Strategically placed ‘kickers‘

Strategically placed ‘kickers‘ Strategically placed ‘kickers‘ or deflectors divert the cuttings back into the blade for additional cutting. After the cuttings are thoroughly reduced in size, they are forced out of sight, deep into the grass, where they rapidly and naturally decompose.


Engine Briggs and Stratton 4 Cycle 190cc Quantum 50
Method of Starting Recoil
Cutting Width 17" / 43cm
Deck Cast Aluminium
Drive System AutoMatic
Warranty 2 years


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