Toro TITAN ZX5400 54inch 24HP Kawasaki

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If you are looking for a zero-turn mower with a heavy-duty deck to help you cut your mowing time in half, look no further than the TITAN ZX5400. The TITAN ZX5400 pairs the performance of premium engines, drives, and frame with a 137 cm fully welded fabricated deck. This aggressive deck is built to handle tough cutting conditions and still deliver a superior quality of cut that you except from a Toro mower.

Toro - Total Solutions from Toro

Toro has the Solution to all your garden needs

If cutting capability was the only criterion for selecting a piece of mowing equipment, any walk power mower might do. But as manufacturers of walk power lawnmower equipment, Toro know you want an excellent quality of cut - and much, much more.

That‘s why Toro offer a total solutions approach when it comes to walk power lawnmowers. Whatever size lawnmower you want, whatever power, construction, or added capabilities you may desire, Toro make a walk power lawnmower with the features you need.

For example, Toro offer a complete line of lawnmowers, from 34cm up to 53cm in cutting widths. You can choose from several electric or petrol power models. You can also select lawnmowers with features such as quick starting engines, easy rolling wheels, and zone safety start.

Many models provide more than one way to handle your cuttings. Besides Toro‘s timesaving Recycler® cutting technology, you can also rear discharge cuttings, side discharge them, or bag them. Some models even have a dethatching accessory. And all have an easy-to-adjust cutting height, whether you choose a single or 4-point height-of-cut system.

As far as convenience, Toro walk power lawnmowers are available with those special features you want - features such as electric start and AutoMatic Drive System.

Whatever the size of your garden, whatever kind of task you want to do - mowing, bagging, trimming, or clean up - Toro offers the Total Solution.

Toro are one of the five big garden machinery manufacturers in the world and have a long established record in the UK. With a Toro product you can also be sure of receiving the highest standards of specialist support from a nationwide dealer network providing warranty work, servicing and timely spare parts availability.


  • 137 cm Fab Deck w/Bull Nose
  • 17.9 Kw (24 hp)** Kawasaki Twin Cylinder OHV Engine
  • 38 x 76 mm Fully Tubular Frame
  • Heavy Duty Deck Spindles
  • 3 yr / 240 hr & Lifetime Frame Limited Warranties

137cm Fabricated Deck

137cm Fabricated Deck? For an aggressive deck built to handle tough cutting conditions yet provide a truly superior quality of cut, Toro‘s 11.4 cm deep, fully welded, fabricated deck is up to the challenge. The leading edge of the deck is reinforced with a Toro "Bull-Nose" commercial style bumper. Three anti-scalp wheels in front and two anti-scalp skids in the back help the deck float over rough terrain. Create your own natural fertilizer by adding a Recycling® Kit or make yard clean-up a snap with an optional Twin Bagging system.

Fully Tubular Frame

Fully Tubular Frame? ? A 38 x 76 mm fully tubular frame forms the rock solid foundation for the rest of the mower. The large continous frame tubes have seamless sides with no welded joints which provides maximum strength.

3 yr / 240 hr, Lifetime Frame Limited Warranty*

3 yr / 240 hr, Lifetime Frame Limited Warranty


Toro confidently stands behind this product with one of the strongest warranties in the market at 3 years or 240 hours whichever comes first. The frame is so heavy-duty we back it with a lifetime frame limited warranty.*

Heavy Duty Spindles

Heavy Duty Spindles? The deck used on this model is equipped with huge heavy duty 19.6 cm diameter aluminum spindle housings that contain 25mm diameter spindle shafts and oversized sealed bearings.

Contoured 46cm Extra Tall w/ Slide

Contoured 46cm Extra Tall w/ Slide The premium seating system on the TITAN is truly a leader in comfort. The extra thick seat foam is contoured to envelope the operator in comfort and help hold you in place when traversing rough terrain. The seat is further cushioned by a unique adjustable seat spring suspension allowing you to have anywhere from 2 to 5 springs underneath the seat to give you customized support. A four-inch seat slide is adjustable while seated to help give you just the right fit. Adjustable armrests come standard.

Hydro-Gear™ ZT2800 w/ Charge Pumps

Hydro-Gear™ ZT2800 w/ Charge Pumps The ZT2800 hydrostatic transmission has an internal, maintenance-free brake; a guarded, spin-on filter; and is significantly easier to maintain versus a wheel pump and motor system. Plus, the ZT2800 has fewer leak points by design so homeowners can be confident their machine‘s drive system is virtually bullet proof.

51 X 21.5 cm Rear Tires

51 X 21.5 cm Rear Tires These large, wide tires provide a smoother ride over rough terrain than smaller diameter tires. The width helps reduce turf compaction. The special tread provides the right mix of traction and reduced turf tear.

Foot Operated HOC

Foot Operated HOC? This system allows you to quickly raise and lower the deck while mowing without taking your hands off of the controls. The HOC has a range from 1.5" - 4.5" with 13 positions in quarter inch increments making sure there is a setting just right for you and your lawn.

Removable Floor Pan

Removable Floor Pan Removal of the floor pan allows you easy access to the top of the deck for cleaning off grass clippings. The floor pan is also pierced to give it a textured grip and natural drain holes.

Smooth Front Tires

Smooth Front Tires

Engine Guard

Engine Guard This guard protects the engine on the sides and rear from objects that might damage your engine.

Rubber Discharge Deflector

Rubber Discharge Deflector A flexible rubber discharge deflector is found on most commercial zero turn mowers and allows you to mow tightly around objects without damaging the deflector.


Engine 17.9 Kw (24hp)** Kawasaki Twin Cylinder Engine
Engine Constuction OHV
Full Pressure Lubrication with Spin-On Oil Filter
Cast Iron Cylinder Liner
Dual Element Air Cleaner
Fuel Capacity 19 Litres
Mower Deck 137 cm 3-blade Fabricated
Mulching Optional (Toro Recycler® Mulch Kit)
Height of Cut 38 - 114 mm
Anti-Scalp Wheels 3 Standard + Rear Anti-Scalping Skids
PTO Clutch Mag-Stop Electric
Deck Washout Ports 2 Standard
Transmission Hydro-Gear ZT2800
Steering Dual Comfort Grip™ Levers
Steering Dampeners Hydraulic Dampers
Ground Speed F/R 11.3 kph/36.1 kph
Tires 28 x 10 cm Smooth Front
51 x 21.5 cm Rear
Dimensions - L x H 1.9 m x 1 m
Width - Deflector Up / Down 1.33 / 1.56 m
Seat Contoured 46cm Extra Tall w/Slide; Adjustable Seat Spring Suspension
Adjustable Armrests Standard
Foot Operated
Height of Cut
Cup Holder Standard
Tool Box 2 Standard
Warranty 3yr/240hr, Lifetime Frame Limited Warranties*
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