8 Ton Vertical 3 Phase Log Splitter

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TITAN-PRO 8 Ton Electric 3 Phase Driven Log Splitter with 2 way splitting  head.

Let the  TITAN Professional Log splitter do all the hard work for you simply & quickly ! and you can wheel it to your logs so easily. Splits BIG logs.

THE TITAN- PRO 8 Ton electric 3 Phase Driven Log Splitter is a very durable machine which comes with a full one year warranty,

  • No engine noise

  • No fumes

  • No Petrol top ups

  • No engine maintenance

A small holders / farmers dream, set it up in the barn and away you


The  TITAN- PRO 8 Ton Electic  3 Phase Driven Log splitter is quiet in operation and will split logs including seasoned and "green" wood like a hot knife though butter in just seconds! This means you can prepare,dry out and store logs at anytime of the year.

The TITAN- Pro 8 Ton Electric 3 Phase log splitter is a real workhorse, a fantastic timesaver for  home use, turning log chopping from a dangerous chore into a safe,easy automatic operation.

Also available is the obtuse cutting head for help splitting really green wood.

Remember The Titan log splitters really do pack a punch, other may claim 8 tons but we DELIVER.  Read our reviews.


Pressure force: 8 ton
Motor  415V 3 Phase 3500W
System: hydraulic
Hydraulic oil: 6 litres Hydraulic Pressure: 17.8Mpa
Speed forward splitting: 4.9cm/sec
Returning speed: 22.3cm/sec
Maximum length of wood: 104cm
Adjustable table for other wood lengths: height 1: max. length = 104cm
  height 2: max. length = 78cm
  height 3: max. length = 52cm
Dimensions: 103cm x 46cm x 107cm
Security: only to be used with both hands
Easy to transport-relocate: 2 firm wheels + firm handle
weight:  125kg


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