Log Chopper - Branch Logger - The Hippo from Titan Pro

Log Chopper - Branch Logger - The Hippo from Titan Pro
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Order  Full assembly, lubricants and pre-delivery inspection for the Titan Pro Hippo branch logger. If you would like to get chopping as soon as your chopper arrives, just choose the Gold PDI Option. Please give 3-5 days for delivery. Add Hippo Full Assembly and PDI Inspection for only £60.00
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The latest addition to the Titan Pro family comes in the form of the Hippo! This machine makes all of that otherwise wasted cordwood and smaller diameter logs that are hard to deal with into fantastic useable sacks of chopped sections of wood, at a speed which is incredible and with the same ferocity as its namesake.

Take a closer look at it in action and just imagine the posibilties it can create for you:

  • Powered by the trusty 420cc easy start petrol engine.
  • Cuts and bags cord wood up to 10cm with its fast and easy cutting action, allowing you to turn waste cord wood into a saleable product.
  • Complete with twin bagging areas.


Please note - this machine will not come fully assembled - some manual assembly will be required. For a limited time only, you can purchase our Gold PDI assembly package for just an additional £60! This will arrive to you fully assembled and ready to chop - just add fuel! For more information, select the "Hippo Full Assembly and PDI Inspection" option under the frequently bought together items!

Maximum Chipping Capacity - Soft Fresh Branch:   100mm
Maximum Chipping Capacity - Hardened Branch:   70mm
Machine Size (mm):   1860 x 1100 x 1740
Feed Hopper Size (mm):   660 x 660
Length of Logs:   80mm - 160mm
Blade Speed:   190rpm
Fuel Type:   Petrol



Model:   190F
Type:   Single-Cylinder; Vertical 4-Stroke; Forced Air-Cooled Engine
Displacement:   420cc for Reliable Power
Maximum Power:   15MHP
Rated Theoretical Power:   15HP
Combustion System:   Direct Injection
Bore x Stroke:   90mm x 66mm bore/stroke - yields 18.5 ft.-lb. maximum torque
Engine Rotation Speed:   3800
Direction of Revolution:   Left
Fuel tank capacity (L):   5.5
Lube capacity (L):   1.65
Fuel/Lube:   0# in Summer; -10# or -20# in Winter/SAE 10W30
Starting Model:   Recoil Start
N.W. / GW   270 / 280kg
Dimensions:   530x510x575
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