7 Ton Log Splitter + Stand - Special Offer With Log Rack and Log Rack Cover!

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Gold PDI

Order  Full assembly and PDI inspection for the Titan Pro 7 Ton Log splitter including Work Stand. If ordered with a ram stop kit, this will be fitted free of charge. Add Gold PDI For 7 Ton Log Splitter (Workshop Assembly & Lubricants) - Standard Mainland Delivery Only for only £27.50
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Order  Titan Pro High Grade Iso 32 Hydraulic Oil

Titan Horticultural  Hydraulic Oil possesses excellent lubrication properties and is recommended for all Titan Pro Electric and petrol Driven Log Splitters.
You can ensure smooth running with this high grade mineral hydraulic Log Splitter oil
An oil change in all Titan Pro log splitters recommended every 2 years minimum Add Hydraulic Iso 32 Oil for only £6.99
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Order  Leather work glove superior quality with luxury lined inner palm to protect you when working with garden machinery of nasty thorns & brambles.

These gloves are a step up from the shabby standard rigger gloves other companies supply

Get the gloves you deserve that will last & last Add Leather Work Gloves with Lined Inner Palms for only £4.99
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Order  Our new and improved ram stop kit is the ideal solution for users of our electric log splitters who have shorter logs that need splitting. Rather than waiting for the ram to return back to its starting position, lock it off to stop where you need it! It allows you to reduce the travel of the ram thus allowing the splitter head to be at the right start and stop position when you are cutting logs smaller than the maximum 520mm -- which is most people with a wood burner. Add Log Splitter Ram Stop Kit for only £14.99
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Order  For use with the Titan Pro 6 & 7 Ton Splitters (sold separately), this easy-to-use Log Splitter Kindle Maker enables the user to split SOFT wood into kindling fast and efficiently.
This easy-to-use kindle maker simply slips over your Log Splitters existing axe head and will save you hours on getting those small sections of SOFT wood we all need to get the fire roaring!

Add Log Splitter Softwood Kindle Maker for only £29.99
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Order  This is a green hard Small sized wearing fully waterproof fabric cover, suitable to easily slip over your valuable piece of Titan machinery:       940*270*510mm, which opening orientation is the side of 940*270mm
Add Small Protective Cover for Garden Machinery for only £15.00
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Special offer for all 7 ton log splitters and stand combinations this January! Purchase our log splitter, and get an exclusive discount on the log rack and log rack covers. This offer extends to both our small and large log racks, and they're going fast, so get yours while you can!

You can find out more information on the log racks on the following links:

Select the option on this offer page for your bundle package - no need to add the log rack/log rack cover as an additional item.

Pictured above is the small log rack, without the cover - further photos of the large log rack, and of the covers for each can be found on the links above. Please note that if a Gold PDI service is ordered, this only covers the log splitter itself, and the rack will not come assembled.

Titan Pro 7 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter.

Logs need cutting and splitting now ready for those cold winter months.

Leave your hand axe in the shed and prepare your logs and firewood with this high performance 7 Ton Electric Log Saw.

Capable of splitting logs up to 520mm in length with a powerful 7 ton thrust, the 7 Ton Log Splitter will enable you to split a large volume of logs simply and quickly, effortlessly building a large pile for your log burner or open fire.

The 7 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter is a real workhorse, a fantastic timesaver for professional or home use - turning log chopping from a dangerous chore into a safe, easy automatic operation.

This model has the highest tonnage in our Electric Log Splitter range!

Titan Pro Electric Log Saws are quiet and efficient in operation, meaning you can prepare, dry out and store logs at any time of the year.

The 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter is supplied with a full UK warranty (non commercial) and spares back up service.

Make sure you purchase this machine with our new-and-improved stove pipe thermometers! No wood burner should be without one, as these magnetic thermometers show you exactly the temperature that your burner is at, and advises you how to best optimise your burning to ensure you aren't using too much wood, and to help avoid causing any damage. Find out more by clicking the photo below and buy one now to have it ready with your new log splitter - free postage is included to UK addresses!


The provided price for the 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter includes VAT!

Purchase the 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter Including Stand, to enable adequate working height for the user.

Please note delivery time is 3 working days to UK mainland.


Please look at our NEW patented Titan Ram Stop attachment. It‘s a fantastic piece of equipment that allows you to adjust the return to save you time if you have smaller logs or a smaller woodburner to chop.

Dont forget to order your Gloves - they are a must when using Hydraulic Log Splitters!


Power 3 Horsepower 2200 Watts
Max Force 7 Ton
Log size 520mm length
Capacity (50-250) mm ( diameter)
Ram travel 400mm
Ram diameter 30mm
Power cord length 1.8m
Hydraulic oil capacity 2.9 litres
Packaging dimensions: 950mm (L) x 320mm (W) x 500mm (H)
Packaged weight: 64KG


Comes with EU safety Cage - Not required if used outside of EU


Also see our small protective cover for our range of electric log splitters!

Titan Small protective cover for garden machinery

Best Splitter I have Used by Matt submitted on 13/11/2019

Ease of Use Stars
Assembly Stars
Build Quality Stars
Performance Stars

The 7 ton log splitter is a great bit of kit. After felling a lot of trees around my property the splitter has had well over 50 hours of use in a short period of time and has perfomed brilliantly. Def ensure the safety features are used as some logs when split as with all log splitting can bang off the end of the splitting end with a lot of force. Really great product and then used with the ram stop we have really been pleased with the product.

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Gold PDI For 7 Ton Log Splitter (Workshop Assembly & Lubricants) - Standard Mainland Delivery Only
Small Protective Cover for Garden Machinery
Log Splitter Ram Stop Kit
Hydraulic Iso 32 Oil
Hydraulic Iso 32 Oil
Leather Work Gloves with Lined Inner Palms