Petrol Log Splitter 9 Ton Vertical [Ex-Demo Model]

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Please note - this is an ex-display machine that has some minor cosmetic damage - a small dent and some scratching. Other than that, this machine is as new, and is covered under our full Maximus warranty. It will arrive built up akin to our Gold PDI service (which usually costs £99) and has been tested on-site prior to despatch. This machine has very limited signs of wear but is in very good condition as shown in the images. The photos shown on this item page are of the machine you will receive. Any questions, please just send us an email at


Our 9 ton vertical petrol log splitter is one of the most powerful petrol models on the market. Powered by a 6.5HP engine, it offers a huge 9 ton splitting force, carving through most logs with ease.

This handy log splitter operates on maximum revs at all times, giving optimum power. It is a real workhorse, a fantastic timesaver and is ideal for a variety of uses - be that professional, home/domestic use, or for those with a smallholding. It turns log chopping from a dangerous chore into a safe, easy, automatic operation.

The 9 ton splitter has variable cutting table heights, as well as an adjustable return on the cutting head. The distance the ram travel has been Increased, meaning more power and force is produced to chop wood. It can split wood right down to the base, and balance logs on its base to split. The axe head on this splitter is also bigger than the 8 ton axe head, meaning it can cope with the bigger logs too.

It comes fitted with two handed control levers for safe operation, and wheels to transport the machine. Our great range of electric log splitters are fantastic for use around the home, but this petrol operated machine is not restricted by cables, meaning you can transport it to your wood pile/stack and split on location.

Our petrol vertical log splitters are quiet in operation and splits all logs - including seasoned and "green" wood - like a hot knife though butter, in just seconds! This means you can prepare, dry out and store logs at anytime of the year.

Our petrol log splitters are durable machines, which are supplied with a full UK warranty and spares back up service. Please note, warranty is for domestic use only.

Let the Titan professional log splitter do all the hard work for you simply and quickly!

Choose the Titan Gold PDI option for a ready-to-fun machine - this includes full workshop assembly and lubricants; ready to start splitting, straight off the pallet!

Don‘t forget to order your gloves - they are a must when using petrol hydraulic log splitters! When you've got piles of logs ready for splitting, you want to keep your hands covered - these gloves offer a great level of protection, whilst not impacting your ability to use the machine moments later.


Also available is our large protective cover - perfect for helping keep your machine safe against the elements. While we recommend storing a machine inside as often as is possible, there are times when this won't be possible -- our heavy duty covers are designed with your log splitter in mind. They're easy to slide over the top, meaning any sudden downpours shouldn't pose you any threat.



Make sure you purchase this machine with our new-and-improved stove pipe thermometers! No wood burner should be without one, as these magnetic thermometers show you exactly the temperature that your burner is at, and advises you how to best optimise your burning to ensure you aren't using too much wood, and to help avoid causing any damage. Find out more by clicking the photo below and buy one now to have it ready with your new log splitter - free postage is included to UK addresses!


Model: TP9TPLS
Engine: 196cc, 6.5HP Titan Pro
System: Hydraulic
Maximum Splitting Force: 9 Ton
Hydraulic Pressure: 17.8 Mpa
Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 6 Litres
Log Size/Capacity - Diameter: 12cm ~ 32cm
Log Size/Capacity - Length (Variation Depending on Table Position): 104cm / 78cm / 52cm
Forward Splitting Speed: 4.9cm/sec
Retract/Return Speed: 22.3cm/sec
Noise Pressure Level (No Load): 88.1 dbA
Noise Pressure Level (Under Load): 93.0 dbA
Dimensions: 107cm (L) x 46cm (W) x 103cm (H)
Security: Two handed controls
Easy to Transport/Relocate:

2 solid Wheels + moving handle grips

Weight: 125kg
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