21"/53cm Self Propelled Rotary Lawn Mower [Ex-Demo]

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A fantastic opportunity to get your 21" rotary self-propelled lawn mower at an unbeatable price! This is an Ex-Demo unit with very limited signs of use and only very minor blemishes to the overall condition of this machine. The photos provided are of the unit itself, so please fully inspect the pictures to ensure it is what you are looking for and for any further information please feel free to get in contact with our sales team.

This machine INCLUDES pre-assembly and lubrication as per our Gold PDI service (RRP £35).


Original Product Description:

Just look at the new features the 21" rotary self-propelled lawn mower offers. We have not been idle in the design aspect of this machine; every detail has been thought through with a single minded determination to be the best.

This mower provides super power, a large cutting deck, rear wheel drive, large rear wheels, easy-fold handles and a front lifting handle.

We have partnered up with Loncin engines to give this 21" self-propelled lawn mower an impressive quality Titan engine, the 6.5HP OHV series. This engine is in the "A" band for fuel efficient working and is designed to deliver unprecedented reliability and impressive performance. This model also incorporates the automatic choke system, which makes it the best starter in its class!

Every aspect of this self-propelled rotary mower has you in mind. Easy-fold handles for transport and a single deck height adjustment lever, gives seven different mowing heights between 30mm and 80mm - no flimsy bits here.

This 21" petrol rotary lawn mower is self-propelled and has a rear wheel drive with easy grip handles and an ergonomically designed power lever.

It offers the ability to bag, side discharge and mulch - yes that‘s a 3-in-1. When bagging it comes equipped with a sturdy framed 60L capacity grass bag, meaning emptying the bag is an infrequent job.

Full bearings on all the wheels and a large rear wheel drive system makes for supreme manoeuvrability; ideal for negotiating all those flower beds.

Our top of the range 21" mower has many of the features you would expect for a machine double the price. This coupled with our product videos and our full Titan Pro year warranty (for non-commercial use only) means you‘re covered - beat that!

Please note that most stock photos utilised on this page show the electric start version which is not available at present 

Click the Titan Pro Gold PDI option to get a ready to run machine delivered to your door with lubricants added ready to mow - all you need to do is add fuel!


Titan Pro are pleased to bring you our latest award winning design of rotary lawn mower incorporating the new "TEMS" - Titan Eco Mulching System. Mulching is a great way to help save time and get those important nutrients back into the soil in one easy operation.

The Titan Eco Mulch System saves you time and helps put valuable nutrients back into your lawn.

The Titan Mulching Mower creates healthier looking lawns.

When grass clippings decompose, they return nutrients to the soil.  The decomposed clippings form humus, which helps loosen hard soils, provides oxygen and nutrients to grass roots. Humus also enriches sandy soil by helping it retain moisture more effectively. The smaller clippings produced by mulching mowers decompose readily into your lawn; this mulching feeds soil micro-organisms.

A healthy, productive lawn is alive with micro-organisms, earth worms and insects. Feeding these creatures regularly with organic matter can actually improve the quality of the soil and your lawn!

The additional level of micro-organisms at work on mulched clippings has been shown to suppress certain grass diseases and reduce mould spore counts.This is the natural way to create the best looking lawn ever! 

And here’s a surprise - mulching actually reduces thatch and contrary to popular belief, it does not cause thatch build-up.  The micro-organisms that thrive on decomposing mulched clippings also do a good job breaking down thatch.

Perhaps the most important criteria of all is how great your lawn looks after mulching. By improving the texture and content of the soil and reducing diseases and thatch, the end result of lawn mulching is a fuller, healthier looking lawn.

Drive type:   Self-propelled
Height adjustment:   Central adjustment
Cutting heights:   30-80mm (7 grades)
Catcher type:   Rear bag collection
Catcher volume:   60L
Cutting width:   530mm
Deck material:   Steel
Starter method:   Key ignition/recoil starter (depending on model selected)
Engine model:   Loncin LC1P70FAD
Displacement:   196cc
Maximum power:   3.6KW/3600rpm
Net torque:   10.5N.m/2500rpm
Fuel tank capacity:   1.0L
Oil tank capacity:   0.6L
Carton dimensions:   930mm (L) x 620mm (W) x 550mm (H)
Gross weight:   50KG
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