Log Splitter Softwood Kindle Maker

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The Titan Pro (Design Protected) Log Splitter Kindle Maker

For use with the Titan Pro Splitter (sold separately) this easy-to-use Kindling maker is fitted in seconds to your log splitter and will save you hours!

The Kindle Maker is an exciting addition to your Titan Log Splitter we have produced it to make your log splitter even easier and faster for you to make that important Kindling.

We had had great feedback from loads of our customers about the 6 & 7 Ton Models but a common point raised was how can cut kindling fast?

Titan Pro now have the answer for you.

This Titan Retro Fit Kindling attachment only takes seconds to install!

This allows you to make four sections of SOFTWOOD kindle in one push of the ram. Maximum SOFTWOOD LOG SIZE = 150mm

Easy to fit - Fast and Effective - Low cost

In stock now!


Net Weight 2.1 kg
Gross Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions (Boxed) 22cm x 18cm x 14cm



7ton log splitter by Roger submitted on 20/12/2013

Ease of Use Stars
Assembly Stars
Build Quality Stars
Performance Stars

This is a fantastic product. I have now cut over 15 tons without problem. It is extremely powerful and so far nothing has defeated it. It will easily split softwood logs over 3 ft wide. Just keeps on delivering.

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