Petrol Wood Chipper TP1200 Spares

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Clutch Key, Bolt and Washers for TP15chip and TP1200

A replacement set comprised of a clutch key, a clutch pulley bolt and pair of washers.

Price: £7.50

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Exhaust Manifold for Titan Pro 14/15HP Petrol Chipper

Genuine replacement exhaust manifold for our 14/15HP Titan Pro Chippers.

Price: £29.00

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Exhaust Unit for 15HP Petrol Chipper

A genuine replacement exhaust for our 15HP Titan Pro chippers.

Price: £30.00

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Hopper for TP1200 Petrol Chipper

Genuine replacement hopper for the Titan Pro TP1200 15HP petrol chipper.

Price: £99.00

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Electric Start Switch Unit for 15HP Petrol Chipper

Genuine replacement Electric Start Switch Unit for the Titan Pro Electric Start Chippers.

Price: £48.00

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Service Kit for 13, 14 and 15HP Chippers

Genuine replacement service kit for the 15HP garden chipper. This kit consists of a replacement air filter and spark plug.

Price: £13.00

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Tow Bar for 15HP Chipper

A new tow bar to fit the Titan Pro 14HP and 15HP garden chipper mulchers.

Price: £55.00

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Ducar 15HP Petrol Engine Electric Start

This 15HP engine is suitable for chippers, shredders and many other items of garden machinery. These engines have fantastic power and have been proven in the UK for many years, at 1/3 of the price of a GX Honda! These Ducar 15HP Petrol Engines are also fantastic for go-karts, and many other machines for which a small petrol engine is required.

Price: £390.00

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Leather Work Gloves with Lined Inner Palms

Our gloves are a truly superior quality, with luxury lined inner palms to protect you when working with garden machinery or nasty thorns, brambles and nettles.

Price: £7.99

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Centrifugal Clutch for 14/15HP Chippers (25mm)

A replacement clutch to fit our 14HP and 15HP chippers, with a shaft diameter of 25mm. Please vernier the crankshaft to check which size you require before ordering.

Price: £90.00

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Fuel Pipe Kit for 7HP/15HP Petrol Chippers

A genuine replacement fuel pipe kit for the Titan Pro range of 7HP and 15HP petrol wood chippers.

Price: £11.00

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Horticultural Engine Oil SAE30

Titan Pro High Grade 30 SAE Horticultural Engine Oil, Titan SAE 30 Oil possesses excellent lubrication properties and is recommended for all four stroke engines in lawnmowers, garden and horticultural equipment where an SAE 30 oil is recommended.

Price: £10.49

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