Petrol Log Splitters

Choose one of our professional Petrol Log Splitters to split your logs for the winter!

Our wood splitters can make light work of splitting wood, reduce the physical strain of using an axe and provide improved safety.

Our 9 ton petrol log splitters come with hydraulic oil

These vertical log splitters can handle a wider range of log sizes and are able to meet more heavy-duty requirements.

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Titan Pro 9 Ton Petrol Vertical Log Splitter

The Titan Pro 9 Ton Log Splitter is a petrol-powered hydraulic unit with a four-stroke 196cc 6.5HP engine. The adjustable table heights on the 9 Ton Petrol Log Splitter makes this unit ideal for those who have a variety of log sizes to split. The TP 9 ton petrol powered unit provides optimum working height for the user and variable site location possibilities where direct power is not available.

Price: £1099.00

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Ventilated Bags - Size 3 (1000KG SWL) Size 2 (500KG SWL) Size 1 (400KG SWL)

Our new range of ventilated bulk bags - now in stock!

Price: £9.99

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