13HP/14HP/15HP Chipper Spares

Unless otherwise noted for a different model (for example clutches and pull starts), the items under this category are designed for use with our current 15HP garden chipper/shredder/mulcher (TP15chip.)

A number of these items will also be suitable for our older style chippers in this range - those coming equipped with a 13HP/14HP engine. Some spares are designed specifically for these models, and will be noted as such on the item page.

Some items may not be compatible with older items in the range. Please ensure that the item you require is suitable for your machine prior to purchase.

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Clutch Key, Bolt and Washers for TP15chip and TP1200

A replacement set comprised of a clutch key, a clutch pulley bolt and pair of washers.

Price: £7.50

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Exhaust Grill for 15HP Chipper

A genuine replacement exhaust grill for the Titan Pro 15HP chipper. Also suitable for the 14HP chipper shredder.

Price: £10.00

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Exhaust Manifold for Titan Pro 14/15HP Petrol Chipper

Genuine replacement exhaust manifold for our 14/15HP Titan Pro Chippers.

Price: £29.00

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Exhaust Unit for 15HP Petrol Chipper

A genuine replacement exhaust for our 15HP Titan Pro chippers.

Price: £30.00

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Hopper for 15HP and 7HP Chipper

Genuine replacement hopper for the 13HP, 14HP and 15HP range of petrol garden chippers.

Price: £84.00

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Drive Belt for 13HP, 14HP and 15HP Chipper

Replacement drive belt for our 13HP, 14HP and 15HP petrol chippers; high quality, durable and fire resistant. Customers also frequently order a spare chipper blade at the same time.

Price: £35.00

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Electric Start Switch Unit for 15HP Petrol Chipper

Genuine replacement Electric Start Switch Unit for the Titan Pro Electric Start Chippers.

Price: £48.00

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Engine Mount Bolts for 15HP Chipper (4 Bolts)

A set of four replacement engine mounting bolts for the Titan Pro 15HP garden chipper/shredder.

Price: £10.00

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Lower Chipping Chamber For Titan Pro 13HP/14HP/15HP Chippers

This Titan Pro complete lower chipping chamber for our 13HP, 14HP and 15HP petrol garden mulchers - this is an original direct replacement; being complete it is just a matter of swapping the engine, hopper and wheels over before you are up and running!

Price: £214.00

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Service Kit for 13, 14 and 15HP Chippers

Genuine replacement service kit for the 15HP garden chipper. This kit consists of a replacement air filter and spark plug.

Price: £13.00

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Tow Bar for 15HP Chipper

A new tow bar to fit the Titan Pro 14HP and 15HP garden chipper mulchers.

Price: £55.00

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Foot Stand for 15HP Chipper Shredder

A genuine replacement foot stand designed for use with the Titan Pro 13HP, 14HP and 15HP chipper range.

Price: £40.00

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