Obtuse Wedge for Petrol Log Splitter

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The obtuse wedge for Titan Pro petrol log splitters - what you need to get the job done!

Ok, you have your woodburner or open fire and need to get your logs ready. You have ordered (or already own!) a Titan petrol log splitter and have your logs ready to store; are they well seasoned? Well seasoned means they have been stored for at least 6-12 months -- if that's not the case then an obtuse cutting wedge is essential for your log splitter, to give you fast and effective log splitting.


Colour: Black
Condition: New
Model Suitability: TP-10TON-PLS
Boxed Dimensions - Length: 240mm
Boxed Dimensions - Width: 240mm
Boxed Dimensions - Depth: 180mm
Weight: 5.6KG
Height of Wedge: 160mm
Width of Wedge: 115mm
Height of the Area the Axe Head Fits: 105mm
Width of the Area the Axe Head Fits: 30mm


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