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Secured byObtuse Wedge for 8 Ton Petrol Log Splitter

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The Obtuse Wedge for Titan Pro Petrol Log Splitters.

Ok, you have your Woodburner or Open fire and need to get your logs ready, lets go.......................

You have ordered or already own Titan Petrol Log Splitter and have your Logs ready to store, are they well seasoned ? (wellseasoned means they have been stored for at least 6-12 months, if thats not the case an Obtuse cutting wedge is ESSENTIAL for your log splitter to give you fast and effective log splitting.



Weight:   4KG
Height of Wedge:   160mm
Width of Wedge:   115mm
Height of the Area the Axe Head Fits:   105mm
Width of the Area the Axe Head Fits:   30mm
Colour:   Black
Condition:   New
Model Suitability:   TP-8TON-PLS


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