Garden Trailer - Folding Steel Dump Cart

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Quality Tipping Garden Trailer

The Titan garden trailer is a quality steel tipping trailer, with a load capacity of 340KG. Its strong high-sided design makes it ideal for transporting heavy and bulky loads around your garden. 

Years of unfaltering service are ensured thanks to the heavy-duty steel tipper bed with rust-resistant, powder-coated paint finish, together with a robust axle.

Featuring large pneumatic tyres, wide design and low centre of gravity, our trailer is easily manoeuvrable on rough, undulating terrain. It is also equipped with universal hitch pin, which fits all makes and models of lawn tractor and ATV alike.

  • Takes less than 15 minutes to assemble - comes with a pre-assembled folded axel support
  • Utilises a foot pedal release system, with a safety lock pin
  • Strong and durable frame
  • Equipped with a mulit-hitch connection, to adjust for the perfect clearance you need
Load Capacity:   750lbs/340kg
Heaped Load Size:   12 cubic feet
Load Size:   10 cubic feet
Width - Outside Wheel to Outside Wheel (mm):   850mm
Body Dimensions ("):   44.6" x 29.9" x 14.5"
Body Dimensions (mm):   1132mm x 760mm x 368mm
Boxed Dimensions (mm):   1200mm x 760mm x 180mm
Pneumatic Tires:   16"
Overall Weight:   99lbs/45kg
Condition:   New


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