Duratex Dump Truck Trailer - Wheelbarrow - Towable Trailer

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Quality Duratex Dump truck trailer

The Titan Pro Towed Dump Cart is a lightweight and non-corrosive poly bodied dump cart that can be converted from a push cart to a tow cart quickly and easily.

Tough and durable, this poly bodied dump trailer carries a fantastic 226kg load in its 0.28m³ box, and can double as both a wheelbarrow and a dump truck trailer - just fold the arm back to form a push hand cart; it's light enough to be easily manoeuvrable either way!

When position as a push cart, movement is a breeze; easy to push or pull - just watch our product video to see it in action.

This dump cart can be hooked onto an ATV or lawn tractor to save you and your back pain and stress. With its large pneumatic tires, travelling over rough terrain is a breeze and helps to absorb jolts and bumps. Resting on a 15,8mm diameter axel, and powered by a pair of 16" x 3.5"/400-8 off-road wheels, it's easy to get this dump cart exactly where you need it to be.

This cart is designed to stand the test of time thanks to rugged design and a heavy-duty compression moulded polypropylene bed that will not rust or dent. The frame has been treated with a durable powder coating paint which means that the cart will not only work well for years to come, but it will also keep its fantastic finish

Ideal for carting heavy goods such as slabs, filled pots, firewood or large amounts of compost or dirt around the garden, this handy towed poly dump cart is an essential for any large garden.

  • Long-life polymers for years of usage
  • Weight saving
  • Easy-clean
  • Large load capacity
  • High strength
  • Easy-flip handle
  • Push Wheelbarrow
Load Capacity:   500lbs/226kg
Boxed Dimensions (mm)   1150mm x 880mm x 285mm
Overall Size ("):   41" x 30.5" x 11"
Overall Size (mm):   1041mm x 775mm x 279mm
Net Weight:   55lb/25kg
Gross Weight:   63lb/28.6kg
Body:   Duratex - the latest generation of lightweight polymers
Tipping:   Simple easy release lever
Hitch Pin:   Included
Load Capacity:   225KG, 10CuFt
Empty Weight:   25KG
Wheels:   Pneumatic 40 x 8.9cm
Condition:   New
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