Pump Casting for Electric Hydraulic Log Splitters

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Order  Titan Pro High Grade Iso 32 Hydraulic Oil

Titan Horticultural  Hydraulic Oil possesses excellent lubrication properties and is recommended for all Titan Pro Electric and petrol Driven Log Splitters.
You can ensure smooth running with this high grade mineral hydraulic Log Splitter oil
An oil change in all Titan Pro log splitters recommended every 2 years minimum Add Hydraulic Iso 32 Oil for only £6.99
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Order  Complete set of rear pump/motor seals, designed for use with the 7 ton log splitter. Add Seal Kit for 7 Ton Log Splitter for only £6.99
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This is a genuine replacement pump casting from Titan Pro. As well as our own 5 ton, 6 ton and 7 ton log splitters, this also fits many other machines on the market.

If you are fitting one, be sure to order the complete seal kit that goes with the replacement log splitter pump casting.

Condition: New
Colour: Silver
Model Suitability: TPLS5T; TPLS6T; TPLS7T; TPLS7T + Stand
Measurement of Hexagonal Six-Hole Surface
Overall Unit Height: 130mm
Width of Hexagonal Surface: 68mm
Height of Hexagonal Surface: 85mm
Width from Bolt Hole to Hole (Upper and Lower): 35mm
Width from Bolt Hole to Hole (Centre): 45mm
Height Hole to Hole: 13mm
Measurement of Squared Three-Hole Surface
Width of Square Surface: 83mm
Height of Square Surface: 38mm
Width of Bolt Holes: 60mm
Centre Hole to Outer: 28mm
All Bolt Hole Measurements are Inner Distances

Delivery on this item to UK addresses is the standard rate of £5.00. We can also ship overseas - please send us a message to sales@titan-pro.co.uk in order to obtain a quote for delivery.

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