Log Splitter Ram Stop Kit

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Our new and improved ram stop kit is the ideal solution for users of our electric log splitters who have shorter logs that need splitting. Rather than waiting for the ram to return back to its starting position, lock it off to stop where you need it! It allows you to reduce the travel of the ram thus allowing the splitter head to be at the right start and stop position when you are cutting logs smaller than the maximum 520mm -- which is most people with a wood burner.

This easy-to-use stopper kit is fitted in a matter of minutes, and will save you hours not having to wait for the ram to return.

This new style is better than ever - rather than having a limited number of positions to stop your ram, you're now free to tighten the stop where it is needed, meaning this is a tailor made solution for you. It's also cheaper than ever before - you can't ask for much more than that! Couple this with free UK delivery, and you've got the bargain of the year.

This is a fit and forget kit so once its on, you'll only ever have to adjust it when the length of log changes dramatically - it can also be locked off closer to the "home", so if you've got a need to split longer logs, this won't impact your usage. Please see our "Fitting" tab to the right for instructions on how to get the kit up and running.

Fitting the new style ram stop kit is simple, and takes just a matter of minutes! Our easy-to-follow instructions can be seen in the video above. Alternatively, text-based instructions can be seen below.

Tools/assistance required: 22mm socket, 22mm spanner, a second person to keep the lever in position

  1. Pump the ram forward enough that you are able to gain access to the connecting rods. Use a second person to hold the lever on the back end of the machine to keep this in position.
  2. Loosen the nuts on both side of the back end of handle using a 22mm socket, and remove these.
  3. Move back the rods to separate this from the handle/cylinder.
  4. Looking at the machine from the end you are currently working at (handle end, as opposed to the motor end), remove the nut and washer (using a 22mm spanner) on the left-hand side of the rod. Keep the right-hand side nut and washer in position for reference.
  5. Place the ram stop onto the left-hand side of the rod and tighten this.
  6. Replace the items in reverse order. Ensure when lining the rods up with the holes that the nuts/washers are level so it lines up correctly when reassembling.
  7. Replace the washer and tighten the nuts on both sides of the outside.
Net Weight:   140g
Color(s):   Silver/Black


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