Log Splitter Ram Stop Kit

Log Splitter Ram Stop Kit
Electric Log Splitter Ram Stop
Electric Log Splitter Ram Stop
log Splitter Ram Stop
Log Splitter 7 Ton Ram Stop Kit
Log Splitter Titan Ram Stop Kit
Log Splitter Attachment
Log Splitter Ram Stop attachment
Logsplitter Ram Stop Kit
Log Splitter Electric Ram Stop Kit
Log Splitter Ram Stop Kit
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The Titan Pro (Design Protected) Log Splitter Ram return stop kit

For use with the Titan Pro Splitter (sold separately), this easy-to-use stopper kit is fitted in 4 mins to your log splitter and will save you hours not having to wait for the ram to come to the splitting postion when you are splitting smaller logs.

The ram Stop is an exciting addition to your Titan Log Splitter we have patented it to make your log splitter even easier and faster to use - yes FASTER !

We had had great feedback from loads of our customers about the 6 & 7 Ton Models but a common point raised was how can I hold the Ram in the position I want?

Titan Pro Now have the answer for you.

This Titan Retro fit Ram Stop Kit only takes 4 Minutes to install!

This allows you to reduce the travel of the Ram thus allowing the splitter head to be at the right start and stop position when you are cutting logs smaller than the maximum 520mm, which is most people with a wood burner

This is a fit and forget kit so once its on it‘s just a matter of dropping the stop into the required location and it starts saving you time.


Net Weight 2.1 kg
Gross Weight 2.1 kg


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