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Flat-Free Wheelbarrow Wheel
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Titan Pro premium quality flat-free wheelbarrow wheels - now available. These wheels have a diameter of 364mm, and include a bushing kit, allowing for fitting for a number of different bore sizes - as such, this wheel will fit most wheelbarrows.

It is suitable for axles sized 15mm and 20mm.

Our flat-free tyres give you the feel and bounce of a normal air-filled tyre, but eliminates the possibility of flats! Once you've tried it, you won't want to go back to your standard barrow wheel!


Condition: New
Tyre Colour: Black
Hub Colour: White
Diameter (mm): 364
Packaged Dimensions (mm): 400 x 400 x 110
Packaged Weight (g): 2800


Fitting the flat-free wheel is simple! Instructions on how to do so can be found in the enclosed information sheet.

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