Petrol Wood Chipper - Tracked Beaver 15HP Garden Chipper

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Combining our beloved Beaver woodchipper with a tracked base combines both our best ever chipper with an incredible increase in mobility. An incredible 4" chipping capacity means this is the ultimate machine for garden management! It can also be converted to the Titan Pro Mule dumper - it's two machines in one!

Some of the features include:

  • Pollutionless super-efficient brushless 60V DC motor
  • Fingertip speed control
  • Individual track control for zero turning
  • Powered by long-lasting high capacity batteries
  • Mounted LED searchlight for low-light conditions
  • Long run time, with large capacity batteries
  • Near-silent running when driving


The manoeuvrability is unparalleled - not only does it have individual track control, allowing for the machine to turn in its own length, it also comes equipped with a low and high ration gearbox, with full electronic variable speed, allowing for fingertip speed control. It's versatile too, with rubber, non-marking tracks designed to cope with all terrains.

The narrow width of this machine also means it won't struggle for access, being able to fit through 750mm access ways.

Why not take a look at our Chipper Selection Chart by clicking here - this handy chart shows the materials that each machine in our range will be able to deal with.

Beaver Chipper Specification

Maximum Chipping Capacity: 100mm/4"
Engine Type: Titan Pro OHV 4 Stroke
Starting System Recoil Pull Start and Electric Start
Engine Size: 420cc
Maximum Power Output: 15.0HP
Engine Speed: 3600 RPM
Engine Oil Capacity: 0.6L - Titan 15-40 SAE Horticultural Spec
Fuel Capacity: 3.6L
Fuel Type: Unleaded Petrol

Tracked Chipper by Adrian Jennings submitted on 31/12/2021

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This is a brilliant piece of kit that works really well but it does need a bit of maintenance.I purchased it to deal with a big job tackling a large number of ash trees that we had to have felled in our difficult to access woodland garden. To hire something equivalent would have cost around 200 a day so with continual use I reckon the tracked chipper paid for itself in about a month.With a little practice its easy to maneuver the electric drive and track steering make precise movements possible. The chipper works well long straight stuff like conifer branches are a breeze jagged stuff like hawthorn take a bit more time but I guess thats the case with any chipper. The professional tree surgeons we employed who were used to working with much bigger equipment were very impressed with its capabilities.Ive marked it down slightly on build quality because it needed a few adjustments after delivery to get it to work. Nothing major just cables out of adjustment fasteners missing that kind of thing. Im pretty hands on ex field engineer - so used to mending things so Id recommend this chipper to anyone who feels confident about trouble shooting and fixing electromechanical equipment themselves.Its possible to convert it from tracked chipper back to a tracked barrow and a separate wheeled chipper Titan Pro evidently take a powered barrow and modify a Beaver Chipper to mount on it the process to convert it back to a powered barrow and sperate wheeled chipper takes about an hour but I did have to make some modifications to make the chipper able to be towed part of the modification was to cut off the plate the tow bar receiver bolts to. But again all doable for someone with a bit of engineering ability.Excellent product Im really happy with it

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