22" Zero Turn Petrol Lawnmower FAQ

A firm favourite since its introduction in 2013, our 22" lawnmower has become a beloved partner for gardeners both domestic and commercial alike. The below FAQ is designed to help assist with anything which has come up over the years, in order to get you up and running as swiftly as possible.

Always turn off the engine and remove the spark plug before you follow any of the advice listed below.

  • Is there a fuel on/off tap on the Titan Pro zero turn lawnmower, as I could not start it?
  • Yes there is, it is located under the tank.

Starting Issues

  • When starting the 22" mower from cold the choke will need to be engaged. To do this, the throttle lever on the handlebars (with the tortoise and hare images) must be pushed fully forward to engage the choke. When this is done, try starting the mower as normal.
  • Ensure the deadman/safety lever is pulled fully in and adjusted to the correct tension with the cable adjuster on the handlebars.
  • If the mower starts after letting it run for 10 seconds, pull the throttle lever back to a normal working position.
  • If the machine doesn't start as normal following the above procedure, the next step is to check the spark plug:
    • First, remove the spark plug.
    • Next, place the spark plug firmly back into the plug cap and rest the plug on the cylinder head so the plug is earthed.
    • Next, pull the pull cord - when pulling the pull cord, look at the spark plug. There should be a nice blue spark if all is well (this may be difficult to see in daylight.)
    • If there is no spark, or the spark is of a yellow colour, then this can cause issues as the spark may be too weak.
    • Also, take note if the spark plug is wet with fuel. If it is, the fuel is getting to the engine.
    • If you need to replace the spark plug on your mower, you can find replacements on the following link: https://www.titan-pro.co.uk/p/3616/kohler-spark-plug
  • If the spark plug is functioning correctly, the next step is to check the fueling. The first thing to check is if there is any debris in the fuel that may have blocked the jet.
    • First, turn the fuel tap off - this is located between the fuel tank and the carburetor.
    • Checking for debris can be done by removing the fuel bowl on the underside of the carburetor.
      • This is attached with a 10mm bolt, you will see two bolts on the underside of the float bowl, one at a 45-degree angle and one situated vertically.
      • You will need to undo the vertical 10mm bolt to remove the fuel bowl. When the bolt is removed, twist the fuel bowl off - do not pull it straight down as there is an o-ring that will fall out if pulled and not twisted off.
      • Once the fuel bowl is removed, look in the bowl to see if there are any small pieces of material. If so, wipe these out with a cloth.
    • The next step is to remove the brass fuel jet so we can see if this has been blocked.
      • To do this you will need a short flat-head screwdriver. The jet is located in the centre of the carburettor inside the protruding tube coming down from the centre.
      • You will need to insert the flat-head screwdriver into this tube to remove the jet. Once removed give the jet a good blow out and then hold it up to the light so you can see daylight through it.
    • Reassemble the jet and float bowl in the same way you removed them.