9 Ton Petrol Log Splitter FAQ

The 9 ton log splitter is a firm favourite since its introduction in 2020. It shares many traits with our previous 8 ton model, so as such, many of the points here can be applied to the model stocked between 2008 and 2019. The below FAQ is designed to help assist with anything which has come up over the years, in order to get you up and running as swiftly as possible. We also carry a full range of spares which can be found by clicking here.

Always turn off the engine and remove the spark plug before you follow any of the advice listed below.

  • The ram goes down, but does not rise again?
  • If the machine has been in storage prior to this occurring, it is likely that the spool valve is sticking.
  • If you follow the long rod down the back of the machine, you should find where it goes into a black cast valve.
  • Squire some WD40 into/onto that valve.
  • Move the levers up and down to work this in.
  • This may take a few applications but should eventually allow the splitting head to return to the upright position.
  • You can see the spool valve (as on our 10 ton petrol log splitter model) circled in yellow on the image below.

  • How do I change the ram sleeve kit on a 10 ton log splitter?
  • Remove the axe head box section from the main body.
    • Disconnect the ram piston linkage from the axe head box section.
    • This can be found by removing the two black plastic grommets at the top of the axe head box section.
    • Behind these, you will be able to see the connection.
    • Once this is released the axe head can be lifted out of the main body of the log splitter.
  • Looking down into the main body, you will be able to see the sleeve kit, which is bolted to the inside of the main body's box section.
  • These need to be unscrewed from the body (screws located from the inside of the machine) and the old sleeve kit removed. Ensure you keep these screws safe unless you have replacements ready.
  • Install the new kit by screwing the replacement plastic plates back into the positions of the old sleeve kit.
  • Reinstall the axe head box section and reattach the ram piston linkage.
  • Finally, replace the plastic grommets on either side of the axe head.