Electric Log Splitters - Back In Stock!

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You've been asking and we're glad to oblige - our electric log splitters are now back in stock, ready for immediate dispatch!

We've got our beloved 7 ton model, which continues going from strength to strength as it reaches over 15 years since we first started stocking the model! This is a trusty machine that'll serve the vast majority of domestic users well. You can find this here: https://www.titan-pro.co.uk/p/269/log-splitter-including-stand-7-ton

As well as the machine itself, a number of add-ons return alongside it! Our best-ever ram stop kit is available - don't wait for the ram to return the full distance when you've got shorter logs to spare - our ram stop kit will speed things up for you. You can find this here: https://www.titan-pro.co.uk/p/328/log-splitter-ram-stop-kit

Got wood you need to split for kindling? Say no more - our softwood kindling splitter is the tool for you. You can find this here: https://www.titan-pro.co.uk/p/1448/kindle-maker


If you're needing a bit more power, we've also got our largest machine back in stock - the all-conquering 11 ton vertical electric log splitter!