Petrol Chippers/Shredders

If you're looking to buy a petrol chipper/garden shredder online, then you've come to the right place. Our range offers something for everyone, for gardens of all sizes, from the 7HP Chipmunk chipper, all the way up to the commercial grade 15HP Beaver chipper. These petrol models enable you to work in areas where access to mains power is restricted, so you can tow the machine when moving between locations in the grounds of your garden.

The addition of electric start chippers is also a great advantage for those with less mobility, offering a turn key starting performance. Check out our product videos to see them in action.

With the number of machines in our range, we know finding the right machine can be tricky - as such, we've put together a Chipper Selection Chart, which you can view by clicking here - this handy chart shows the materials that each machine will be able to deal with. As well as this, our blog post on finding the right chipper for you gives you an at-a-glance look at our range with engine sizes, chipping capacities and much more.

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Titan Pro 100mm Large Petrol Wood Chipper 15HP Electric Start

With an enormous 100mm/4" chipping capacity, the Beaver is the biggest chipper in our range! It comes equipped with a super powerful OHV engine, with an electric start fitted as standard. Unlike other garden shredders, this machine will not clog up or block with evergreens full of sticky sap such as conifer or leylandii. This chipper is ideal for larger gardens or estate use and comes covered by our Maximus 3-year extended warranty.

Price: £1999.00

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Titan Pro 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper 75mm Capacity - Conifer Leylandii

The TP1200 Petrol Chipper is a fantastic addition to the Titan Pro Petrol Chipper range. It has scaled down capability of the larger Beaver Chipper, but allows you to still deal with the conifer waste that other Chippers struggle with.

Price: £1499.00

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Titan Pro 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper Shredder Electric Start Mulcher 75mm

The new Titan Pro 15HP Petrol Chipper has award-winning design features and is paired with our 15HP engine, which gives this garden shredder extra power when needed. This chipper comes equipped with an electric start key-turn for ease-of-use -- ideal for the every day user!

Price: £849.00

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Titan Pro Petrol Wood Chipper 100mm Capacity 9HP 270cc Electric Start

Packing a powerful punch, here is our TP800 wood chipper! Its reduced size means that it is easier to transport and manoeuver than some of the bigger machines in our range, but do not be fooled - it is incredible in its output too. With a massive chipping capacity of up to 100mm in diameter, it is more than a match for those larger branches. Couple this with its two full-width blades, and a phenomenal output of between 3m³ and 5m³ per hour, and you have got one powerful machine in your hands.

Price: £1249.00

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Titan Pro 7HP Petrol Wood Chipper 55mm Capacity

The latest garden chipper in the Titan Pro family - the Chipmunk chipper! Coming equipped with a powerful 7HP engine and an easy-to-use direct drive system, it‘s a gardener‘s best friend. It‘s compact too - it‘s narrow width allows it to fit through gate ways with the greatest of ease. Watch this garden chipper being put through its paces on the user video.

Price: £649.00

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Titan Pro Tracked 15HP Petrol Wood Chipper 100mm Capacity

Combining our beloved Beaver wood chipper with a tracked base combines both our best ever chipper with an incredible increase in mobilty.

Price: £4349.00

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Ventilated Bags - Size 3 (1000KG SWL) Size 2 (500KG SWL) Size 1 (400KG SWL)

Our new range of ventilated bulk bags - now in stock!

Price: £9.99

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