65553A (Non-OEM) Spares

While we are not the manufacturers of, nor do we have any involvement with, the range of tools supplied in high street stores we do receive a number of enquiries for spare parts for this range. As such, we have sourced Titan Pro Non-OEM parts in order to help you get your machine up and running.

Please be advised that we cannot offer any advice on the usage nor maintenance of your product; this is purely an outlet for Non-OEM spare parts.



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7 Ton Log Splitter 3HP Motor and Pump Casting

Our powerful 3HP log splitter motor and pump casting are in stock and available now. Suitable for our 6 and 7 ton electric log splitters, this motor also fits a host of other brands on the market, including, but not limited to, some of the models from companies such as The Easy-Split Pro, Power House, Clarke, Woody, Log Master, Draper and many more.

Price: £149.00

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Lift Handle for Electric Log Splitter

A genuine replacement lift handle to fit our 7 ton hydraulic log splitter.

Price: £8.40

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Raptor Kindling Maker - Kindling Wedge - Firewood Axe

The Titan Pro Raptor Kindling Maker is in stock today! Put that axe away and save those fingers; a super fast and unique way of making kindling fast.

Price: £24.00

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Log Splitter Ram Stop Kit

Our new and improved ram stop kit is the ideal solution for users of our electric log splitters who have shorter logs that need splitting. Rather than waiting for the ram to return back to its starting position, lock it off to stop where you need it! It allows you to reduce the travel of the ram thus allowing the splitter head to be at the right start and stop position when you are cutting logs smaller than the maximum 520mm -- which is most people with a wood burner.

Price: £14.99

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Ventilated Bags - Size 3 (1000KG SWL) Size 2 (500KG SWL) Size 1 (400KG SWL)

Our new range of ventilated bulk bags - now in stock!

Price: £6.99

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Bleed Valve Screw for 7 Ton Electric Log Splitter

A genuine replacement bleed valve screw for 7 ton electric log splitter from Titan Pro.

Price: £4.49

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Gear Housing Plate for Electric Hydraulic Log Splitters

A replacement gear housing plate for our 7 ton electric log splitter.

Price: £16.00

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Internal Cylinder for Electric Hydraulic Log Splitters

A genuine replacement cylinder for the Titan Pro 7 ton electric log splitters.

Price: £35.00

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Pump Casting for Electric Hydraulic Log Splitters

Pump casting for electric hydraulic log splitters. This casting will also fit some other machines on the market - if you are fitting one, be sure to order the complete seal kit that goes with the replacement log splitter pump casting.

Price: £30.00

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Seal Kit for 7 Ton Log Splitter

Complete set of rear pump/motor seals, designed for use with the 7 ton log splitter.

Price: £7.99

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